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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . good morning i'm eric thomas. cheryl jennings is off today. and i'm kristen sze. the bomb squad was called out this morning they brought a robot to examine this package discovered before 8:00 near campus. some muni lines were affected for a while. the uc sf child care are was also evacuated. everyone was allowed to
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return. deputies will release new information within the hour concerning a murder mystery in contra costa county. a man and woman was found shot between pittsburg and antioch. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's office in martinez. >> reporter: investigators are having a tough time with this one. you would think it would be tough to shoot two people on a busy street in the early evening and not get caught. investigators are having a hard time finding people who saw anything. people living along buchanan road at the antioch pittsburg border knew something major happened but figured it was a car accident. they didn't realize two people were shot to death. >> i had no idea it was a shooting, it an terrible. really bad. >> reporter: because it happened between the two cities deputies responded. investigators say the shooting happened around 5:25 last
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night. longtime residents say the shooting doesn't surprise them too much, they've heard shots before, just further down the road. >> we've had shots, nothing this close. first time this close. it is unnerving, very. >> it start happening more and more it seems like more and more people are moving here from the city as the population grows things happen. >> reporter: investigators state victims are from san francisco, a man and woman in their 20s were killed. they haven't released their names. investigators are having a tough time they don't have much information they don't know whether the pair was walking or taken by car. they have interviewed people and have a few descriptions of a car leaving the area but they are all different. they haven't made any arrests and don't have suspects. >> i'm alarmed. i don't know what -- i feel
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safe most of the time. [ laughing ] >> i just didn't know about that. i don't know. i haven't digested it yet. >> reporter: with multiple descriptions of the car and no description of the killer, investigators say this is going to be difficult. spokesman with the sheriff's office is in a meeting now and is hoping to speak out publicly later this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. oakland police are looking for the people responsible for two shootings early this morning before 1 a.m. a man was shot several times in the 5600 block of hilton in east oakland he died at the hospital. after midnight two men were wounded when somebody opened fire on them along the 1000 block of 7th street in west oakland both are in stable condition. prosecutors in seattle will decide today if a couple suspected of murder in
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hercules will be extradited to california. darnell antonia washington were arrested near seattle. they are wanted in southern california on charges that include a prison escape and shooting at a deputy when arrested the kim was driving the stolen car owned by susie ko the retired teacher from hercules found murdered in her home october 5th. right now a judge is holding a closed hearing to determine if a teen charged with attempted murder and stealing a lamb gain any will stand trial. max wade is charged with several felony counts. he stole the lamborghini to impress a girl then shot at her and boyfriend after she rejected him. port of oakland commissioner are meeting tonight to consider legal action against one of their own officials accused of spending thousands of public money at a strip club. the board says an audit shows a port official spent $4500 at
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a houston strip club in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until earlier this year. the commissioners met friday and will resume this evening. stanford university is basking in the glow of another nobel prize in morning. alvin roth stanford ph.d won for his work in economics along with ucla professor lloyd shapley. cornell bernard is on campus. >> reporter: the phone rang at professor roth's house 3:30 this morning but he slept through the phone rang again, he picked up it was stockholm calling saying he had won the prize in economics. he spoke to reporters and got a standing ovation. he is a stanford economist, 60-years-old and pioneer in match making series and formulas, he redesigned
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matching up doctors with hospitals, organs with transplant recipients and students with the right schools. >> economics has somehow a reputation among some parts of the public as being boring about prices and statistics. but, i've always thought of economics as being not just part of the social sciences but humanities because it gives us a window into people's lives at some of the biggest crossing points. >> reporter: dr. roth says he did not expect to win it was a big surprise. he shares the award and the million dollar prize with dr. lloyd shapley at ucla what do you do after winning the nobel prize? dr. roth says nothing special he had to leave the conference early because he an 11:00 class to teach. very humble guy. cornell bernard, abc7 news.
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san francisco is expected to find out tomorrow whether it is on the short list of cities to host an upcoming super bowl. cio host in 2016 or 2017 at the 49ers' new stadium. both 49er and city leaders say san francisco would be the center of most super bowl events. if the city makes its first round it has to submit a plan by early may. nfl expects official announcement tomorrow. this thursday is 49ers game day here. 4:00 jerry rice and brent jones join us as abc7 news presents the pregame show followed at 5 by the take -- by the game. after that jerry and brent will stake around for a edition of after the game. giants' fans are gearing up for tonight's game. last night the giants fell to the cardinals in the opener.
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bumgarner gave up six runs in the first four innings late comeback was too little, too late. vogelsong will start on the mound tonight. much more still ahead. pakistani girl has arrived in england for lifesaving medical treatment after she was shot in the head by the taliban. while some officials are still fearing for her safety. >> new details on dangerous situation during a daredevil's record breaking dive. why fearless felix
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a pakistani teen arrived in england this morning for medical treatment. the four teen-year-old girl was shot after defying taliban threats to stop speaking out for woman's education. llama hasan reports. >> reporter: she was air rifted from a military hospital -- airlifted from a military hospital and rushed to thorn england to receive emergency medical care as doctors battled to save her life. the 14-year-old girl needs immediate treatment to repair her damaged skull and long term neurorehab after the taliban stormed her school bus last week shooting her in the head and neck and wounding two other students. all because malala was might
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fighting for the rights of girls to have -- was fighting for rights of girls to have an education. >> inspiration to young people it was a cowardly attack on her and her friends trying retaliate for her own campaign for good access to education for girls in pakistan. >> reporter: pakistani officials are on the hunt for her attackers. they arrested 100 men last week, but later released them. they believe assassins are still on the loose. taliban vowed to target her again until they killed her. attack on this young activist sparked worldwide condemnation and anger. in her own country there was an outpouring of grief with tens of thousands of people praying for her across pakistan over the weekend. praying she will pull through. >> while it is a race against time to save malala's life,
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doctors say she is showing encouraging signs of improvement by moving her hands and legs. she remains in critical condition. llama hasan, abc news, london. lisa argen with our forecast. looking nice except mountain view and san jose, sunny here temperatures 67 in concord already, we'll talk about an offshore flow as soon as tomorrow night and high fire danger, coming up. gearing up for the next presidential debate why stakes are sky high. researchers reveal one important thing parents can do to help their kids in
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it is crunch time again for president obama and mitt romney with just 22 days left, they are holed up with aides cramming for tear debate tomorrow night. preparations are underway in hempstead, new york where the town hall style meeting will take place. >> reporter: paul ryan stomached in wisconsin today
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preaching -- stumped in wisconsin today. preaching against debt. >> if we tackle our problems before they tackle us we can get america on the right track. and young kids can come to an economy where next make the most of their lives because that's the american dream. >> the president: hello everybody! i brought food. >> reporter: the president handed out pizzas to campaign volunteers as he spent most of the weekend in virginia preparing for tuesday night's high stakes debate. >> it is going great. >> reporter: the president will need a strong performance to beat back mitt romney's momentum. >> if obama has one more debate as bad as his first i think he will be in enormous trouble q >> my advice to the president would be let him be the senator and candidate he was in 2008. >> reporter: -- >> reporter: according to a new poll the president holds a narrow lead among likely voters.
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romney leads in enthusiasm. one piece of good news for mr. obama the percentage of registered voters who say the country is on the wrong track is at lowest in three years. another new poll has romney up 50-48% across 10 battleground states. if president obama is to be effective tomorrow night it will have to be in the town hall style debate where voters can ask questions of him and governor romney. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> we'll carry the debate live tomorrow night starting at 6:00. i'm peeking over your shoulder lisa, i see at&t park and the fog is gone. >> should be nice this evening but the winds are going to pick up and the fog is coming back. as we head out now, looks nice another beautiful day to enjoy before high fire danger comes
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back. this is vollmer peak you can see high clouds, east bay sunny for much of the morning temperatures approaching 70° if some spots. closer to home, the -- ballpark lots of sun, numbers climbing through the 60s throughout the afternoon winds shows we still have fog left, especially over the bay around mountain view,an jose, a couple patches at our coast. this should ail clear and that will leave sunny conditions. 72 fairfield now, -- three to six degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. sunny skies in san rafael all morning long there, 63 mountain view, 58 san jose, sunshine has returned to santa cruz, upper 60s in salinas. highlights and forecast, sunny, few high clouds fog will return overnight i don't think it is going to be as dense after winds pick up this afternoon they will drop off again we are going to get good
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cooling and the temperature will to the dew points some fog will be formed tomorrow afternoon wind shift, warmer then the warmest days of the week wednesday and thursday overnight lows tonight mid and upper 50s really comfortable out there. mainly the fog should be along the coast some of our north bay valleys, 56 san mateo, 55 morgan hill. couple areas of low pressure, few cold fronts pushing through the pacific northwest it has been soggy there the rain continues. high pressure keeping much of california dry. by the time these two systems pass to the east we get our wind shift. first system, a few high clouds. next system then high pressure builds to the north of us flow of the clockwise flow around it brings the breeze from the land to the sea, we've got downsloping winds. not only we'll we be looking at quick warming, we've got
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critical fire weather nothing has been issued from the national weather service think time we have an offshore flow relative humidity dips, we have dry fuels be careful out there 81 concord, 74 oakland, 70 this the city, 80 santa rosa, sunshine within the hour in san jose numbers climb through the 70s, 82 morgan hill, 67 monterey, sunny as you head towards at&t with the sunsetting temperatures drop through the 60s winds a little factor out of the northwest up to 20 miles an hour, -- next several days featuring the warmth tomorrow, getting warmer offshore flow throughout the evening. wednesday, thursday downright hot. cooling-off significantly friday and then into the weekend. just three days abc7 will give away $49,000 the winner will be announced after the game october 18th. you can still enter go to
11:22 am click the win $49,000 button that will take to you the online form. we are all winners with this weather. it will be nice is true. >> [ unintelligible ] >> don't be fooled it is going to look and feel nice but you need the jacket. >> thank you. parents with preteen and teenaged girls may find this interesting. researchers in atlanta have found the hpv vaccine that protects against cervical cancer does not make girls more promiscuous. they found little difference if getting birth droll, testing for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy or getting pregnant. do you want your kids to do better in school? make sure they get plenty of
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sleep. researchers found 30 extra minutes of sleep a night can improve a child's school performance well rested kids were more focused and controlled, tired youngsters were restless and impulsive. >> ironic that kids stay up late studying. go to bed. new details about this weekend's record breaking skydive if the edge of space. >> dangerous situation that fearless felix found himself in.
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coming up at 3 on katie the death of a toddler of salt poisoning, medical mystery or murder? >> that eye that wash ashore last week may into the have belonged to a squid. at 5 babysitting duties aren't thought of as a presidential quality a report shows which candidate parents trust more when it comes to watching their kids? the austrian daredevil says he was in even more danger than expected. >> in a free 'til fall that lasted more than -- if in a treefall that lasted more than -- >> at one point as you see he
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went into an uncontrollable spin and the man called fearless felix says he was terrified as he struggled to regain control. >> spun me around i was trying to find out how to stop this putting one arm out it didn't work, another arm, you always late at that speed when you travel at that speed with that suit you don't feel the air. >> the spin laughed 35 seconds before he gained control falling at over 800 miles an hour. he's the first man to break the speed of sound without a vehicle. air is thin up there. let's give it a go giants tonight, first pitch
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